About Ultima - אולטימה רהיטים

About Ultima

ULTIMA Israel. Italy..

The quality triangle that redefines luxury furniture industry in Israel.

Israeli taste in furniture is linked to the picturesque Italian creation, just as the Italian authors throughout history had created and left their mark on the world they did on furniture creation. ULTIMA personnel living on line Italy-Israel are seeking the perfect piece of furniture for you!

Italy's premier brands have realized that in order to reach Israel, they better have an Israeli home to represent them, over the years we have created relationship of work, professionalism and family nature with Italy's flagship brands.

To truly understand the world of furniture one should learn, and we make sure to learn from the best. The love story with our furniture begins already in the Tanneries, where traditional process passed from generation to generation for centuries the Italian leather is produced strictly for furniture; quality leather means a sofa or living room that looks exactly the same over the years – color, luster, durability and beauty
Living rooms and sofas consist of several parts that create the product experience and at no stage compromising on quality: the frame, the seat straps and backrest, pillows, cover, stitching, all under strict European quality control, as well as an examination of the experts of ULTIMA.
ULTIMA is accessible to the Israeli consumer through national deployment, flagship branch, the branches and authorized distributors.
ULTIMA is accessible to the Israeli consumer also in supply, selection and prices that brings quality to the doorstep of every home in Israel. What will you find in our collection
Seating sets varied from classic design to unconventional designs and innovative
Corner seating sets
Seating sets in customized special sizes
Seating sets with chaise long
Seating sets with recliners
Seating sets with adjustable headrests and etc.
Leather sofas – 3+ 2 and couches opening to a comfortable and luxurious bed
Living room tables
You will always receive in ULTIMA an affordable deal in addition to peace of mind required in such a substantial consumer decision. ULTIMA is a company with financial strength working in the field for many years (now already a third generation is active company). The available stock is unprecedented in scope and we operate cash-and-carry. We operate the largest distribution and service in the industry, so you would feel comfortable starting from the transaction until the arrival of the furniture to your home. No less important is customer service after the purchase and for years.
Thirsty for Italian fragrance? The sensation? The Experience? Then a second before you get on a plane and go to one of the branches! Let's feel and get excited, get comfortable, close-up experience…Italy is just around the corner and within driving distance.
ULTIMA furniture which makes home Italy.

ליועץ עיצוב - 072-3937673 או מלאו פרטים


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